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Shuhan Zheng (鄭)

I am now a part-time researcher at the University of Tokyo (UTokyo). I am expected to join Hitachi Central Research Lab in 2024/04.
I received my degree of Master of Engineering from UTokyo in 2023 with Outstanding Thesis Awards (優秀修士論文賞), supervised by Prof. Gouhei Tanaka and Prof. Akira Hirose. Before that, I received my Bachelor’s degree in physics from the Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), supervised by Prof. Quanying Liu.


2023 Part-time researcher @ UTokyo and NITech.

2022 Part-time Engineer @ PFN

2022 Research Intern @ PFN w/ Dr. Nontawat

2021 Machine Learning Intern @ Hitachi China Research Lab

Recent News

[24/01/23] I passed 日本語能力試験 JLPT N1!

[23/09/22] Today, I graduated from UTokyo and received the Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award (優秀修士論文)! I want to express my gratitude to the amazing teachers and friends I met at UTokyo. :)

[23/07/26] I successfully defended my master thesis, “Network structure inference from time series data using diffusion model”!

[23/01/23] I passed 日本語能力試験 JLPT N2!

[23/01/11] Give a poster presentation at Dynamics Days US 2023. The topic is inference of network structure in dynamic systems using a generative model.


Diffusion model for relational inference.
Shuhan Zheng, Ziqiang Li, Kantaro Fujiwara, Gouhei Tanaka. [arxiv]

Diffusion models for missing value imputation in tabular data.
Shuhan Zheng, Nontawat Charoenphakdee (2022). NeurIPS 2022 First Table Representation Workshop. [arxiv]

Kuramoto model based analysis reveals oxytocin effects on brain network dynamics.
Shuhan Zheng, Zhichao Liang, Youzhi Qu, Qingyuan Wu, Haiyan Wu, Quanying Liu (2021). International Journal of Neural Systems. [arxiv]

Graph theoretic analysis reveals intranasal oxytocin induced network changes over frontal regions.
Shuhan Zheng, Diksha Punia, Haiyan Wu, Quanying Liu (2021). Neuroscience. [biorxiv]